Let’s start by addressing the proverbial elephant.
Are we an agency? No. And yes.
Are we a global network with 226 offices in 84 countries across 5 continents? No.
Do we have over 40 years of collaborative experience in said agencies? Yes.
Are we a campaign-churning, bottom-line-chasing, hierarchy-adhering,
‘let’s-set-up the-next-meeting-to-discuss-the-last-meeting’ behemoth? No.
What we are is a collective pursuit of great ideas.
Ideas that set and continually raise the bar for creativity in the region.
Ideas that surprise, entertain, live in culture, put brands on a pedestal and of course, sell.
We are thinkers, storytellers, designers, artists, filmmakers, techies, social media gurus 
and everything in between. We are multiple award winners at Cannes, D&AD, 
One Show, Clios, New York Festivals, Loeries, Spikes, the Abby’s and WARC.
Including East, West and Central Africa’s first and only Yellow Pencil and Gold Lion.
Yet, we are lifelong students of our craft. Most of all, what we’re not, 
is cold steel, tempered glass and reinforced concrete.
We’re flesh and bone, and a whole lot of gut and grey matter.
Like the very people we speak to.
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